Carrom Pool Premium Pass Mod APK

Carrom pool premium pass mod APK is one out of 3 modes of passes. Pass is a paid subscription that allows players to enjoy the special rewards & perks of the game.

The passes are categorized into Basic & premium or premium + pass. You can’t enjoy the exclusive perks & rewards in basic pass, but in premium pass you have unlimited perks & rewards. People often paid for short-term subscriptions because Carrom Pool Mod APK has seasons and every season has its own rewards & perks.

Let’s discuss the passes in detail.

Game NameCarrom Pool Premium Pass
System requirementAndroid 4 & above
Size75 MB
Get it onPlay Store
Mode FeaturesUnlimited passes

Standard Pass

In this pass, you can enjoy limited free features such as opening certain chests and playing a lucky shot once a day. As indicated in the name it can’t fulfill all the gaming needs but it boosts the player’s morale and excitement, so he must want to go for the premium or premium + pass.

Premium Pass

This pass makes the gaming experience more efficient and enables the players to enjoy more exclusive rewards such as lucky shots, frames, occasional coins/gems, chests, and avatars. It also provides seasonal perks & rewards by enabling the players to play with more efficiency by entering expensive arenas. But still, you have the craze to play with the most exclusive rewards you can get the premium + pass.

Premium + Pass

This is the high end & superior pass. It is equipped with the features of both standard & premium pass including various lucky shots, unique frames, ample of coins & gems, master chests, and useful avatars. It also has exclusive seasonal perks. It enables the players to collect rewards up to the 16th rank and to enter the most expensive arenas in the world.

Difference between Standard, Premium & Premium + Pass

As indicated in the name the standard pass has fewer privileges as compared to the premium pass and the premium has fewer as compared to the premium + carrom pass.

Standard pass is free for all players and you can only access some limited perks such as one lucky shot in a day along with some coins/gems. 

The premium pass contains more rewards as compared to the standard, you can enjoy more perks and coins & gems, lucky shots, and avatars for more value along with seasonal perks, and enter into the expensive arenas. 

In premium + pass you can enjoy a lot of exciting features with more value of coins/gems, a lot of lucky shots, master chests, frames & avatars. It allows you to collect rewards up to the 16th level and you can enter the most expensive arenas.

I have summarized the difference as 

Standard: Silver

Premium:  Gold

Premium +: Platinum

Rank on the leaderboard through Premium +

There is a misconception among gamers that by the purchase of premium + they can be ranked top on the leaderboard while others think that premium + can enable them to have exclusive perks. 

Those who think that the use of premium + can enable them to have exclusive perks are somehow right. While the others who believe in ranking top on the leaderboard are totally misunderstood, the use of premium + can only enable them to collect the reward of the first 16 levels without playing.

Subscription Confusion

There is confusion regarding the subscription of the premium/premium + Mod APK, especially among new players. They think that the purchase of a subscription is a one-time process.

The purchase of both premium & premium + is not one-time. One time is only valid for one season, they have the purchase option at any time while the season is ongoing. Likewise, the carrying forward of unused rewards is not possible The rewards will expire at the end of the season.

Seasons of Carrom Pool Mod APK

The seasons are one of the top features of the game. Each season has different perks & rewards. A timer is the handiest feature of the game which enables players to keep themselves informed about the duration beginning & remaining time of an ongoing season.

Once you keep a close eye on the timer you can get the maximum advantages of the perks & rewards during the season because once the season ends all the unused rewards will expire.

Legendary Striker with Premium Membership

Legendary striker the name indicates its kind. It has an amazing aiming capability to win the game. It’s not guaranteed that premium members have legendary strikers.

Different seasons have different rewards and offer different perks to the players. The players are able to get some specific perks & rewards upon reaching a certain tier in the season, but it can’t be guaranteed to have legendary strikers.

Bling Season

Get time exclusive offers & access unique perks

It’s time for brand new carrom pool season. Get ready to experience carrom pool like never before. Unlock the premium pass to access real-time voice or voice & vedio chat while playing with your rivals. It’s a game changer.

The wait is over! Hurry up and start playing now to enjoy this season’s unique and limited rewards. This is your chance to get all new exclusive content. As you progress and rise to the top of the leaderboard you’ll have chances to unlock it all.

Bling Season

Final Words

In order to make your game super classy you must have to go with premium or premium + membership. It enables the players to get exclusive perks & rewards. It enhances the gaming experience & boosts the confidence of the players.

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