Carrom Pool Mod APK Latest v15.4.0 [Unlimited Coins, Money, Gems] Free Download

Carrom Pool Mod APK
Game NameCarrom Pool Mod APK
Size109.80 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and above

About Carrom Pool Mod APK?

Carrom Pool Mod APK is a very easy-to-play board game among all board games. It has both online & offline modes. In offline mode, you can play with your friends and family members by staying at home or somewhere in the gathering of your loved ones. In online mode, you can play the game with worthy opponents worldwide whenever you want. You can also play this game with your social media friends by inviting them to social media platforms.

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Basic Information about the game

Carrom Pool is a multiplayer game developed by Mini Clip in 2018. This game includes natural feel features, a realistic view, catchy eye graphics & ultimate sounds, which make you feel that you are playing an actual board game. It is the most popular game because of its matchless features & its creator updates something in it daily; since 2018, it’s been the most popular board game on the Play Store with over 100,000,000+ downloads.

Game Overview

It is a very famous game around the globe, especially in sub-continents like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. You can easily download this from the Play Store on your mobile, but on the Play Store, it is available with limited features; from our website, you can download its modified version Carrom Board Mod APK, with unlimited free features. We are providing this Game’s updated latest version free. This Game is compatible with Operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc.

Carrom Pool Mod APK

What makes it different from other board games?

Carrom Pool Pro Mod APK is a tabletop multiplayer game. Being a carrom lover, you will admire this game, but what makes this game differ from other board games? Its limitless features, which you can’t experience in other board games, excellent physics, variety of strikers and play pieces, realistic view, fantastic graphics, Superb sounds, customization options per your requirements, and much more. Carrom Pool allows you to compete with other players through its online feature, which allows you to make friends with like-minded people.

What is new in-game?

  • This version lets you chat with your family, friends, and players worldwide!
  • This version has no bugs, so it can improve its performance.
  • Updated Version: 15.4.0
  • More Smooth control than before.
  • Carrom pool no limit coins and gems APK download

How to Download & Install Carrom Pool APK?

Download the Carrom Pool Mod APK 2024 New Version from our website & install it on your phone. To install the game, you need to follow the following simple steps.

  • Go to the mobile memory location where you downloaded this file
  • Open it from here & click on the install buttonĀ 
  • Now the installation is being startedĀ 
  • Now the game is installed on your phone, open it & enjoy it.

Carrom Pool Modified APK Features

Carrom Pool is a multiplayer board game with many features, you can play it online with your friends around the globe, even when you are traveling, and you can play it offline. Moreover, it has a magical realistic view that reminds us of the carrom board we played in childhood. Some of its distinctive features are given below.

  • Single Player Game

In this mod of the game, you can play it singly. The developer has added many levels & missions in it, so playing single can always feel exciting.

  • Multiplayer Game

It feels more joyous while playing an online game with your friends. The Multiplayer gameplay feature of this game makes it more enjoyable. You can invite your friends to come over and enjoy it together.

  • Ads free

While playing online games, the most annoying thing is the interrupted advertisement. It spoils the flow of our game, but you will not face anything like this in the Carrom Pool APK available at our site. It can be played at any forum without any ads online & offline.

  • Online Play

This game has an online play mode, and you can invite master players around the globe and challenge them to play with you. You can also invite your social media friends. You can also chit-chat with your online opponents, making this game more realistic.

Play with friends
  • Offline Play

Suppose you do not have an internet connection and thirst to play carrom pool; no worries! We have the solution to your problem; Carrom Board Mod APK has two offline modes: Classic Disc Pool. You can choose one mod according to your needs.

  • Customization Option

In this modified version of the game, you can customize it any way you want. You can easily customize your virtual carrom board. You can customize it any way you want; you can customize the disc, pattern & color of the board. 

  • Unlimited Coins And Money

Some games have locked features; coins are needed to unlock these features. Now the question is where to get coins. You can earn coins by winning more games you win more coins you earn. What makes this game different from others, It allows unlimited access to all features, which means you can play as much as you can without running out of money and coins.

  • Real 3D Graphics

You can’t focus on the game if it has an ugly interface & bad graphics, Gamers always love to play games with authentic 3D graphics. In this game, we will provide realistic 3D graphics and a fantastic background that will stabilize your intentions on the game. One of the unique features added in this game is background music & crowd cheers that will surely make your winning moments very cheerful.

  • Smooth Control

Navigating your gameplay as per your requirement is no more hustle. The developers create controls that are easy to use. The pockets are in the right place, smooth board & powerful strikers make this game unmatchable. 

  • Variety of boards in different countries

Different variants of this game allow you to play with your family, friends, and players globally, such as Korona, Couronne, Bob, Crokinole, Pichenotte, and Pitchnut. This feature makes it the most popular game across the globe.

  • Compete with the top players

Being a carrom lover, you wish to play with top carrom champion players such as Maria Irudayam, S. Ilavazhagi, Chamil Cooray, Rashmi Kumari, K. Srinivas, Ravivarman Sharmila, Ravivarman Sharmila, Arokiaraj, your wish comes true by the online feature of this game which allows you to play with top players around the world.

  • Improve your striker and eliminate madness

Strikers are a crucial part of this game. Upgraded strikers can strengthen the Carrom gameplay, and now Carrom allows players to upgrade strikers. It would be best if you had coined for upgrading the strikers, but in this mod, you do not need coins to upgrade strikers. It is a modified version of the brand application so that you can perform all tasks for free. Upgradation of strikers at a higher level is hassle-free now. So it never gets boring at all.

  • Multiple levels and missions

There are two modes of this game: Classic mod and disc pool mod; there are multiple levels & missions for each level because there is no need for coins & money, so you can enjoy all levels & missions as much as possible.

  • Unique Design Elements

The unique design of this game makes it worthwhile. The developers used some unique design elements, such as different table designs, suite types, and background colors allowing players to play & enjoy it more than ever. 

  • No Subscription Needed

No subscription is needed for this. While downloading the Carrom Pool mod app, you do not need to make any in-app purchases or subscriptions. Just download & play this game for free, even with no cost spent on unlocking any features.

System Requirements

Before downloading the game, you must know about the system compatibility & requirements. 

  • RAM: Minimum 3GB
  • Processor: Snapdragon 625 Octa Core
  • Operating System: Android 5 & above
  • Storage: 110 MB
  • Permission: Location, Gallery, Microphone, Camera, Wi-Fi Permission

Additional Information about the game

Some games allow you to spend exciting time at home and play your favorite online game, even with family members and friends. This game is easy to play and pretty smooth and fun. To win the game, you must pot all pucks in the hole before your opponent. It is equally popular among people of every age. The Mod APK Carrom Pool is the modified version of the carrom pool, which provides unlimited features and premium content without any subscription fee or purchase process involved.

Carrom Latest Version

Benefits & Drawbacks

All the games have some good and bad aspects; before downloading the game, you must know about all the aspects. Below some of its benefits & drawbacks are discussed.


  • Socialize: In this game version; you can play with your friends on social media platforms, which will help you socialize with each other. You can interact with each other while having fun. You can share your experience and will be a better team player.
  • Concentration: Win only comes when you put all your efforts & concentration into the game. Carrom pool also needs a lot of attention while potting & striking pucks. It will become a habit & you will apply it in your real life.
  • Relaxation: Games can relieve your anxiety & anger. Online games are known as a popular choice of entertainment. People of every age can play online games to relax. Carrom Pool Modified APK is the best choice for you to play.
  • No hang stuck: Stuck is the worst thing you may experience in online games, But you can’t experience such issues in our latest version.
  • Develop Skills: A multiplayer game requires instant action on the reaction and problem-solving skills while attempting a task in the game. When you apply these skills in real life, it can increase the outsourcing capacity of players.


  • Health Issues: The main disadvantage of online games is the continuous use of screens can harm your eyes. Online gamers often spend a lot of time on games without physical activity.
  • Addiction: Like other online games, Carrom Pool Game Mod APK is also designed as an addictive game, but you can set your time for playing to avoid getting addicted. It can also affect the studies of the students.


Download the game by following the given instructions, install it on your phone & enjoy the matchless features with unlimited resources.

You can play this with anyone you want. You can play it with your friends & family through offline mode & you can play it online with your social media friends.

You can win exciting bonuses and coins while playing this game. This game also featured unlimited coins & gems so that you can have unlimited resources.

No, you won’t. The anti-ban feature of this game allows you to play this game without any limitation or ban. In addition, you can enjoy its unlimited features for free.

No! This game is not harmful to any device. You can play it as long as you can without any tension.


Carrom Pool APK is a game that reminds you of your childhood. This game allows you to play with your friends, family & social friends. I provided my best Information about the carrom pool & pointed out all its features. Now, if you want to make your time leisurely, download Carrom Pool Altered APK’s Latest from our website and make it happen.

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