Aim Carrom Mod APK Download v2.8.2 Latest Version 2024 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Aim Carrom Mod APK
App NameAim Carrom Mod APK
Size18 MB
ModUnlimited Money & Coins

In the earlier times board games were the main source of entertainment. People used to kill their time by playing board games like Carrom Board because there were no android systems available. Carrom is still one the most liked games around the world, but if you want to play the game by staying at home it’s online version Aim Carrom Mod APK is the best choice.

This game works on the same rules as you are playing the real carrom pool. While playing carrom pool you can play against worthy opponents around the world, and it is not easy to defeat the most skilled players. But while playing this aim carrom 7.0.1 mod APK you have a lot of power which helps you to defeat any player anytime.

What is Aim Carrom Mod APK?

In carrom pool you have to play against the giants played around the world and you have to  complete many levels and missions, in the lower level you can easily win the games but the level up it becomes difficult to win against the pro players and being a carrom lover you must want to be a pro. The Aim Carrom Auto Play Mod APK helps you defeat pro players and to become pro.

This version of the game is safe and has extra unlocked features which helps players to stand against the champions. You have powerful strikers to hit the tokens and have unlimited coins and money to buy any powerful item to stay aggressive against the opponents.

Features of Aim Carrom Pool Mod APK

Aim Carrom pro mod apk has a lot of features which help you to play and win against the legendary players. Some of its highlighted features are discussed below in detail.

  • Unlimited Coins & Money

The Modified version Aim carrom Pool Mod APK gives you unlimited resources, coins & money.

  • Powerful Strikers

Powerful strikers add extra force to the shot and Aim Carrom Pool Mod APK has all premium strikers unlocked. 

  • Complete Control Over The Shots

While hitting the disc you can see what will happen next, all the shooting points will be visible to you so, you can control your shots and you can hit the striker as you want.

  • No Ban

You will get banned while using this app because it’s using smart technology, Don’t worry your account will not get compromised. 

  • Cushion Shots

Some of the carrom pieces are beyond your reach and you can’t approach them directly. This aim feature helps you to hit the board and accurately strikes your carrom pieces. 

  • Bounce Shots 

Sometimes we don’t know where our striker will hit the carrom pieces and we helped our rivals by bouncing their pieces in the accurate place, which helps them to win the game. But in the aim carrom mod APK we know the bounce and create an accurate angle which helps you to win against the opponents.

  • Laser Line

The glowing laser line makes its gameplay more exciting for the players. Now in aim carrom pool mod APK latest version you will have a laser line instead of a simple white line. 

Laser Line
  • Realistic Graphics

This game contains realistic graphics and sound effects, which feels like you are playing a real board game.

  • Rewards

You can earn a lot of rewards while playing this game. You can earn unlimited coins & money. You can also participate in tournaments to earn more rewards.

  • Difficulty Level

Being its addictive and exciting gameplay you stick your full intentions on the game and easily complete difficult levels & missions.

How to download & install Aim Carrom Mod APK 

This game is available on plays tore with different versions & limited features, but if you want to play carrom with unlimited exciting features just download it from our website and follow some simple steps for secure installations.

  • Go to the  settings of your device and allow the unknown apps to be installed
  • Download the app from our website
  • Once the app be downloaded just click on the install button
  • The app will be installed and ready for playing in while 

For playing aim carrom mod APK premium unlocked on your PC/Windows and iOS devices you need emulators, there are different kinds of authentic and reliable emulators available in the market such as Bluestacks, MEmuplay and many others  which may help you to play the game on your favorite devices.

What’s New in Game? 

The latest version of Carrom Aim Mod APK comes with a lot of new interesting features.

  • Hang & Bug free
  • Realistic & Exciting gameplay
  • Speed is faster than before

System Requirements

Required Android: 5 or above

RAM Required: Minimum 2 GB

Operating System: Working on both 32 bit & 64 bit

Pros & Cons

Because it is a modified version of the original game there must be some pros & cons of this game.


  • All features unlocked
  • No in-app purchases required
  • Instant download
  • Aim provides more chances of winning
  • Easily Compatible & takes low space


  • No automatic updates
  • Modified version may contains viruses
  • It’s addictive gameplay may affect your daily routine

Frequently Asked Questions is a trustworthy site you can download the APK file from our website with 100% security guarantee.

Yes! For its online version you need internet connection to play the game.

No! The game’s modified version is totally free and you don’t require any in-app purchases to buy new items.

No! this version will not harm your device.

Final Words

Aim carrom mod APK makes this game more exciting and in this article we have summed up all the useful information about the mod of the game.  Now download it for Android, PC/Windows and enjoy it. is a trustworthy website and if you like aim carrom mod APK please share it with your friends & family.

For any discrepancies & queries please feel free to contact us.